Yorkshire Terriers – Tiny Dog, HUGE Attitude!

Yorkshire Terriers – Tiny Dog, HUGE Attitude!

The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie for short, is one of the most popular toy breeds around, and for good reason! Though petite in size, Yorkies have huge personalities that will constantly keep you on your toes and put smiles on your faces.

Full of Self-Importance

Don't let their compact size fool you - Yorkies think they're the biggest dogs on the block! They strut around with self-importance, keeping their cute button noses in the air as they survey their kingdom. Expect an energetic eager beaver on alert, dashing after anything that moves. To the Yorkie, every day is an adventure waiting to happen!

Their confidence and bravery is endless. Yorkies will bark persistently, sounding fierce alarms at squirrels, passersby or suspicious sounds despite their tiny stature. They'll even try acting tough in front of much larger dogs! All this bravado packed into an adorable package is what makes Yorkies so amusement.

Playful and Mischievous

Life with a Yorkie is anything but dull! Equally content to be a lap dog or energetic playmate, the ever-excitable Yorkie keeps things fresh and fun. You’ll delight in their silly antics one minute and melt over cuddle sessions the next.

Yorkies stay in perpetual puppy mode, maintaining a highly-curious spirit well into their senior years. Expect to frequently find them nosing into drawers, boxes or anywhere their inquisitive minds lead them. And oh, the mischief this breed can stir up when you least expect it! To your Yorkie, rules are merely helpful suggestions.

Loyal Beyond Measure

For all their comical quirks, Yorkies form deep devotion for their humans. They shadow their favorite people around the house, never missing an opportunity to shower you with wet kisses. Nothing makes a Yorkie happier than curling up under the covers or snuggling into the crook of your arm.

That sweet affection comes with a strong dose of attachment. Yorkies pine severely when left alone too long. Expect plenty of verbal complaints or bursts of youthful energy upon your return! All they ask is you make them your #1 adventure buddy.

Life is infinitely more fun with a Yorkie at your side. Their petite package overflows with loyal companionship, playful charm and no shortage of spunk. Are you ready to keep up with this bundles of tomboy delight?

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